Lavrov: EU has not properly examined Nord Stream explosions

Russia has accused the UK of being responsible for the pipeline damages. London denies.
Photo: Forsvaret/Ritzau Scanpix
Photo: Forsvaret/Ritzau Scanpix
by RITZAU, translated by kristoffer grønbæk

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claims that EU countries haven’t conducted a thorough investigation of the Nord Stream explosions.

”It appears nobody in the European Union is going to objectively investigate [the explosions],” says Lavrov about the series of explosions in September, damaging gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2, which are meant to supply European households with Russian natural gas.

”After the explosions on Nord Stream [...] Russia stopped gas transportation through the northern routes,” states the foreign minister.

Russia has accused the UK of being responsible for the explosions, with the latter’s government denying allegations.

Danish and Swedish investigations have determined that the explosions were caused by sabotage, however without naming any potential culprits.

Referencing statements and assessments from diplomats and intelligence sources, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday that there is no clear evidence that Russia itself was behind the attacks such as claimed by several Western governments and analysts shortly after the explosions.

Some sources have said that determining the perpetrator’s identity might never come to pass.

Gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 have joint annual transmission capacity of 110 billion cubic meters – equating to more than half of Russia’s yearly normal gas exports.

Several sections of the 1,224-kilometer-long pipelines, running from Russia to Germany, are located at depths of 80-110 meters. Moscow states that no decisions have yet been made regarding repairs of the pipelines.

Sweden: ”Grievous sabotage” caused Nord Stream 1 & 2 ruptures

Nord Stream will be very difficult to repair, says professor

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