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04/10 Siemens Gamesa expands 5.X platform energywatch (en)
04/10 Neubert sees departure as "natural" in new Ørsted organization energywatch (en)
04/10 Last platform now in position at Tyra site energywatch (en)
04/10 Ørsted declines Taiwan tender bid energywatch (en)
04/10 TotalEnergies launches large-scale CCUS project in Belgium energywatch (en)
04/10 Ruptured Nord Stream 2 pipeline still leaking gas energywatch (en)
04/10 US company to invest big in Danish carbon storage energywatch (en)
04/10 Ørsted makes group changes again energywatch (en)
04/10 Ineos tightens security in North Sea energywatch (en)
04/10 Norway deploys national guard to protect several oil installations energywatch (en)
04/10 RWE strengthens US position with USD 6.8bn acquisition energywatch (en)
04/10 EU Commission permits German aid to coal plants reopening energywatch (en)
04/10 Aker Solutions, Siemens secure contracts for Vattenfall's Norfolk Boreas energywatch (en)
03/10 Machinists merge to accommodate heavier wind sector demands energywatch (en)
03/10 Equinor takes FID to build UK battery storage energywatch (en)
03/10 Tulsi Tanti dead at 64 energywatch (en)
03/10 Last day on stock exchange for Maersk Drilling energywatch (en)
03/10 UK to order special ships for guarding subsea infrastructure energywatch (en)
03/10 Tesla notes supply chain issues, underperforms on Q3 deliveries energywatch (en)
03/10 Doubts raised on seabed as top pick for energy island energywatch (en)
03/10 Analyst cuts Vestas order forecast due to year's scant sales energywatch (en)
03/10 Oil prices rising as OPEC+ mulls output cut energywatch (en)
03/10 EU still divided on capping Russian gas prices energywatch (en)
03/10 Nord Stream 1 and 2 no longer leaking gas energywatch (en)
01/10 Ørsted forced to delay coal phaseout energywatch (en)
30/09 Project Greensand praises new "cutting-edge" Danish-Belgian CO2 deal energywatch (en)
30/09 EU reaches agreement on far-reaching energy package energywatch (en)
30/09 Former CFO making return to Equinor energywatch (en)
30/09 Belgium to transport CO2 to Denmark energywatch (en)
30/09 Many nations entitled to investigate Baltic Sea explosions energywatch (en)
30/09 Maersk Drilling gets Brazil job worth USD 37m from Shell energywatch (en)
30/09 Czech EU presidency proposes to extend period for cap on electricity profits energywatch (en)
30/09 Germany set to borrow EUR 200bn for energy support energywatch (en)
30/09 Ørsted closes 50% sale of Hornsea 2 energywatch (en)
30/09 Nord Stream gas leak is pure "climate catastrophe" energywatch (en)
30/09 Drones spotted at Danish oil and gas field in North Sea energywatch (en)
30/09 Former oil fund CEO says expectations for renewables are too high energywatch (en)
29/09 Siemens Gamesa plans 2,900 job cuts energywatch (en)
29/09 German states urge Berlin to temper gas price energywatch (en)
29/09 Capricorn Energy soars after merger energywatch (en)
29/09 Vattenfall exercises right to 1GW offshore wind farm, ejecting RWE energywatch (en)
29/09 High energy prices could accelerate shipping's shift away from fossil fuels energywatch (en)
29/09 Siemens Gamesa says "country-centric thinking" could stymie Asia-Pacific build-out energywatch (en)
29/09 Vestas bags US order energywatch (en)
29/09 EU Commission still has no roadmap for price ceiling energywatch (en)
29/09 ”Very complicated” to dictate new benchmarks for gas energywatch (en)
29/09 TotalEnergies raises state of alert in North Sea energywatch (en)
29/09 Swedish Coast Guard reports fourth Nord Stream leak energywatch (en)
28/09 Vestas nominated preferred supplier for 1.1GW energywatch (en)
28/09 EnergyWatch launches Norwegian clone energywatch (en)
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