Oil prices hold steady

An expected rebound of Chinese fuel product exports combined with the prospect of a revived nuclear accord between the US and Iran have the market forecasting more supply.

Nordex books deficit of EUR 133m in Q2

The German wind turbine maker follows rivals noting another big interim loss, with revenue also having taken a hit. That, though, is exactly as expected, says CEO.

US climate bill keeps hope alive for halting warming at 1.5°C

The big legislative package worth USD 430bn has now passed through the US House of Representatives, and while also containing plenty of support for fossil energy, the bill’s provisions for renewables and energy infrastructure keep a sliver of hope alive for keeping global heating somewhat in check.

Ole Ertvaag is the founding partner & CEO of HitecVision. He held the position of CFO and COO in Hitec ASA before HitecVision was established in 2000. | Foto: PR/HitecVision

HitecVision closes first green transition fund

Nordic pension funds are among the investors in the first private equity fund targeting the green transition launched by Norway's largest private equity firm, which has been focusing on the offshore energy industry for more than 30 years.

IAEA demands access to Ukraine nuclear plant

After convening with the UN Security Council, the UN’s atomic energy watchdog demands access to carry out an inspection of the Zaporizhzhia power plant located in the cross fire of war.

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