EU parliament agrees to mandatory performance standards

EU Parliament opts to revamp building directive and tighten requirements for buildings’ energy performances.
Photo: Thomas Borberg
Photo: Thomas Borberg

If left to EU elected officials, requirements for energy performances across the European housing sector needs tightening towards 2030.

European Parliament votes in favor of reforming the so-called building directive which sets the framework for energy performances across the Union’s buildings.

According to EU media Euractiv, a yet undisclosed document states that all buildings owned by public bodies are to achieve at least performance class E from 2027 and class D from 2030 while lawmakers aim for class E for residential buildings by 2030 and class D from 2033.

Revision of the building directive, originally put forth by the EU Commission in 2021, is to pass onto so-called trilogue negotiations between the Commission, Council and Parliament before amendment is brokered.

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