Russia claims having control of big Ukrainian power plant

Moscow says its forces have taken control of a power plant in Ukraine, while conflicting reports claim that fighting continues near the facility.

Photo: Alexei Alexandrov/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

As of Tuesday this week, Russia claims its troops have taken control of Ukraine’s largest coal-fired power station located near the town of Svitlodarsk in the eastern part of the invaded nation.

Pro-Russian media have published images of mercenaries from the Wagner group posing in front of the plant’s administration building. Such reports have not been confirmed by independent sources, however.

Other reports claim that fighting continues near the facility.

Ukrainian military generals didn’t mention the power plant in a recent status report, however did say that battle is still being waged in the nearby village of Semyhirya.

Ukrainian soldiers managed to resist Russian attacks along the front line in regions Donetsk and Kharkiv on Tuesday, Ukrainian generals said.

Russia claims its forces killed dozens of international soldiers fighting for Ukraine – mainly Polish nationals – in an attack on an international legion in the town of Kostiantynivka located in Donetsk.

The international legion fighting alongside the Ukrainian army rarely releases causality figures, nor does it provide information on the national origins of its soldiers.

Russia’s airforce has also bombed Ukrainian defense positions close Donetsk in the town of Zaitseve, according to Russian military spokesperson Igor Konashenkov.

Monday, Ukraine received a shipment of tanks from Germany, and the eastern European country maintains pleas for further Western arms support.

Civilian deaths

Tuesday, Donetsk public authorities informs that Russia’s invasion has thus far killed 642 civilians, while a further 1,600 have been injured solely in the aforementioned region.

In Russian-controlled Donetsk, nearly 760 civilians have been killed, while another 2,400 have been injured, local authorities says.

These figures are unverifiable.

The Wagner group is a mercenary network with presumable active history fighting in Ukraine, Syria, and several countries in Africa. The group is officially independent, but is suspected of having ties to Russian intelligence.

The group has lower recruitment standards than the state military, hiring both prisoners and persons declared unfit for official military service.

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