Wind sector critiques major omission in EU's fast-track plan

Projects totaling 80GW are not included in the EU’s pending fast-track regulation, leaving the wind industry dismayed.

Photo: Jens Dresling

On Thursday, EU’s energy ministers are expected to ratify new regulation to accelerate licensing processes for renewable energy projects.

As such, the wind sector is highly pleased with the union’s intention – but the fact that wind projects currently under development, totaling as much as 80GW, are omitted from the scheme has left the industry seriously dissatisfied, reports Recharge News.

”The regulation was meant to help accelerate the permit process for renewables. That is an excellent goal. Europe needs all the new power generation capacity it can get in the coming months,” writes interest group WindEurope and 20 other organizations and companies in an open letter to the EU:

”Many renewable projects are ready to go but are waiting on their permits. In wind energy alone, there are 80GW of projects stuck somewhere in the permit process.”

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